Office Milk Supplies and Delivery | Clover 3
At Clover3, we guarantee hassle free, fresh and affordable office milk deliveries.

Never leave your fridge empty! We offer a wide-ranging, office milk delivery service to cater to your staff requests and dietary needs.

We stock the top milk suppliers, catering for office milk deliveries in all areas.

Our business model allows you to order your catering in to the office with 3 simple steps :

Dairy Farmers

New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria




South Australia


South Australia and Western Australia.

Brownes Milk

Western Australia


National coverage for all your offices around Australia, every state, every capital city!

We have one of the broadest nation coverage on offer.

Office Milk Delivery


Office milk deliveries come direct to your office kitchen.


We can deliver weekly and rotate stock, whilst disposing of crates to allow for continuous supply.


We supply the freshest supplies possible ensuring the best taste possible.

Local Farmers

We are huge supporters of our local Australian farmers and co ops.

Corporate Market

We provide the corporate marketing quick and easy office milk deliveries.

Fair Go

We ensure the milk we sell passes on a fair price to the farm gate promoting sustainable long term farming practices.

To arrange your office milk delivery...