Clover 3

About Clover 3 Corporate Catering

Improve quality, reduce cost, and simplify the management of your office facility and catering needs

Managing the modern day office is a juggling act. With fewer resources and more demands on administration staff throughout the corporate world business moves quickly. With kitchens to stock and manage, office catering to plan and organise, a facility to run and master, time is short

Introducing Clover3, we have built a user friendly online office management system that makes the procurement of office administrative services simple and efficient

Whether you are a big multinational or a small to medium size local business Clover3 can show you how to realise cost and efficiency savings. Clover3 will consult and analyse how your organisation currently procures a wide variety of services. With consolidated invoicing, discount based pricing and better business processes, Clover3 can help your organisation make measurable savings in the categories we manage.

From milk, coffee, tea, bread and other day-to-day weekly orders for the office kitchen to office catering and hospitality to cleaning services, couriers and contract staffing, with Clover3 your office administrator's toolbox is finally complete

Rather than receiving invoices from numerous vendors, you get just one  from Clover3

Are you a master of the office ???

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Locations Served:

  • Sydney
  • Perth
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Canberra
  • Adelaide